No fads, no junk, The Happy Guts´ Company’s products are made to achieve optimal microbial and nutritional profile without compromising on tastes and flavour.

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What are probiotics?
Probiotics are the beneficial microorganism crucial to gut health. Prebiotics are the complex dietary fibre that promotes the growth of microbes. Our gut is a garden where over 100 trillion microbes can be found – probiotics the seeds, prebiotics the fertiliser. In order to cultivate a thriving and fertile garden, microbial diversity is the key.
What are the health benefits of probiotics?

The benefits and importance of consuming probiotic food and drink have been scientifically proven. The process of fermentation transforms the taste, smell and organic structure of ingredients, produces healthy vitamins, enzymes and gut-benefiting bacteria that fundamentally determine our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

This information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor.


Where can you find The Happy Guts' products?

All our products are made locally and carry the Made in Luxembourg certification.

Made in Luxembourg label

You can find us at the following locations:
Flower’s Kitchen
Glow – meal by meal
Proxy Delhaize Kirchberg

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our friends and partners have had to close their doors or adjust their activity for the safety of everyone and for the foreseeable future. 

We are still available at all locations but we urge you to check directly with our stockists above for their pick-up and/or delivery services. 

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Are all the products organic?

Our organic certification for organic production under Article 29(1) of Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and of Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 was granted by Prüfgesellschaft ökologischer Landbau mbH on 10 December 2019 and is valid until 31 January 2021.

certified organic label

The certified organic ingredients that we use are:
Black tea
Fresh ginger
Fresh lemon juice
Fresh turmeric
Fruit kefir grains (tibicos)
Hibiscus flower
Kombucha culture (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)
Licorice root
Orange peel
Pomegranate fruit granules
Raw cane sugar
White tea


What is kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish dated back to 37BC. Rich in dietary fibre and nutritionally dense, kimchi contains lactic acid bacteria, namely the unique and precious Lactobacillus Kimchii. With optimising the balance of flavour and microbial diversity in mind, We observe the traditional wild fermentation techniques along with careful selection of organic and seasonal ingredients to deliver the ultimate prebiotic and probiotic super combo. Deeply red, tangy, spicy, crunchy, juicy and addictive, THGC kimchi is a versatile dinner table stable that adds another dimension of flavour to any meal and keep your gut happy.

How is kimchi good for me?

The initial fermentation of kimchi occurs during the first 2-3 days in room temperature where active vegetable fibres are breaking down by formation of lactobacillus, the hero bugs that will turbo boost your gut health. During this optimal fermentation phase, it releases CO2, forms PH Acid (a natural state of vinegar) which results in a tangy, crunchy, fresh texture of vegetables, and oh my goodness, so delicious!

Do I need to refrigerate my kimchi?

Yes. If you leave a jar of our kimchi in room temperature, it accelerates the ripening process while refrigeration slows down further fermentation of kimchi.

Similar to the way a fine cheese ages, it is a handcrafted food packed with live beneficial bacterias and yeasts that is naturally occurring during the process of lacto-fermentation. 

What is the shelf life of my THGC kimchi?

Your kimchi will continue to age in the fridge and will be delicious for up to 6 months or even longer as long as you keep in cool temperature and away from oxygen. Once open, use a clean utensil for serving and submerge the rest under its own juice, your opened jar of kimchi can be kept up to one month in the fridge.

How should I eat kimchi?

In Korea, kimchi is traditionally served among an array of side dishes in virtually every meal. But kimchi is more than just a side dish – its versatility also makes it an indispensable cupboard essential in all kinds of cooking, soup, stir fry, stew, pancakes, dumpling fillings – the possibilities are just endless! Be creative and have fun with your jar of the ultimate probiotic superfood!

My kimchi exploded! Is it still safe to eat?

All of our kimchi jars are hand packed and vacuumed in sterilised glass jar. Raw and unpasteurised, they continue to actively ferment inside the jar. Sometimes, you may open a kimchi jar and no reaction will occur. Other times, the kimchi may pop and overflow similarly to a bottle of champagne. Either way, your kimchi is still safe to eat and delicious!


What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a kombucha starter culture, SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts), sweet tea, and some kombucha tea from a previous batch (starter tea). Kombucha is packed with live probiotics, and contains a number of vitamins, particularly B vitamins. 

What is kefir tonic?

Fruity, aromatic, bubbly and refreshingly different, THGC kefir tonics are full of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Brewed with only the freshest organic ingredients to ensure maximum flavour and optimal microbial profile, our kefir tonics are low in sugar and suitable for the whole family. Kefir tonics are dairy free.

Why THGC kombucha?

At THGC, we put tremendous emphasis on the quality of tea and filtered water for brewing our booch. Only the top grade organic tea leaves are selected, and we tasted over 50 different types of tea to ensure we pick only the best. After all, we are in the business of making fermented tea. We closely monitor the water quality, the acidity and alcohol level of our finishing products, so that you have nothing less than the very best.

Does THGC kombucha have alcohol?

Alcohol is the by-product of fermentation. As stated on the bottles, THGC kombuchas contains traces of alcohol. However, the alcohol content remains very low (below 0.5% alcohol). THGC kombucha is therefore considered a non-alcoholic drink.

Why are your kombuchas fizzy?

While our fermentation process gives the end products bubbles, they are NEVER carbonated. We are in the business of making kombuchas, not a fizzy drink replacement. Fizz can irritate your bowl and ultimately causes gastric discomfort especially in people with IBS, and we want to make your gut happy.

Can everyone drink kombucha, pregnant women and children?

Many of our most loyal customers are children and pregnant women who find our products tremendously beneficial. Vegan, gluten free, organic with a low sugar content, our products are great for your microbiome, which also differ from person to person. As pregnancy and the growth of a child are unique for each one, we cannot explicitly advise you on personal cases. If in doubt, please do talk to a doctor.

Kefir Tonic

What is kefir tonic?

Fruity, aromatic, bubbly and refreshingly different, THGC kefir tonics are full of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Brewed with only the freshest organic ingredients to ensure maximum flavour and optimal microbial profile, our kefir tonics are low in sugar and suitable for the whole family. Kefir tonics are dairy free.

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